Creation of Humankind

ImageMaster recently posted the Knum created
humans from soil (on a potter's wheel) myth
and there's also a tears and sperm of Ra myth.


Anyone care to flesh out the story, or know of
any other human creation alternative stories
from ancient Egypt.

Can we date when and where they first became
current and how widespread they became through
out the land and neighboring countries or in
what way they serve as foundation for others'
creation of humans' myths.

Wait a minute! Just who is Knum actually forming?


Anyway seems to be the first conceptualization of
"You, our potter. We, your handicraft."

There seems to be another one, of a Khepri who
once existed alone save for Nu. But Tefnut and
Shu may simultaneously be children of both Nu
and Khepri who claims he vomited Tefnut and
breathed Shu but he supposedly raised the two
of them from Nu.

Somehow Tefnut and Shu had lost each other
within Nu and the sun (Eye of Nu or Atum/Khepri)
brought them all together then all three were
raised out of Nu, which fact induced Khepri to
cry so hard that women and men formed from his

Egyptian "mythology" is extremely complex very
unlike that of say the Greeks, Romans, or Norse.

Khepri : force behind being; creator of all
Maat : stability; laws of physics and society
Nu : primeval matter; conceptual "chaos" i.e. everything that is, but all unsorted
Tefnut : moisture; conceptual order
Shu : air; conceptual life

Khnum may be the more older and middle to upper
Nile valley creator concept. His worship was centered
at Aswan/Elephantine.

In creating humans he made the bones enwrapped them
with the circulatory system and encased them within the
skin. Only then did he make the respiratory and digestive

Khnum not only formed the first humans but forms
every human ever born in that he "seeds" the mother,
fashions both the child's body and ka, and breaks the
water for the birth or delivery.

Source: Creation of humankind

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